You name it

You name it


## A song from PITBULL

“I am what they thought I’d never become. I believed and became it. Now I’m here to claim it. I hustle anything you name it, name it”

** You name it
= used after a list of things to mean that there are many more you could mention
= everything a person can think of

Ex1. Cloths, book, you name it, they’ve got it
Ex2. Gin, Vodka, whiskey, beer – you name it, I’ve got it (هر چی تو بگی من دارم)
Ex3. I’ve tried every diet – you name it, I’ve tried it (هر چی که فکرش رو بکنی من امتحان کردم)
Ex4. There are many topics we can discus about now. Cooking, politics, news, entertainment, religion, you name it.


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