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What happened when Jeff Haden commented on my Post?


We all have it in us to be amazing. But sometimes we need someone else to inspire us to tap into our own potential. Someone who has made it – to show us the way they got there in order for us to create our own unique path. That’s what Jeff Haden recently did for me!”

For those of you who don’t know me… I’m a freelance writer, a lover of words. I frequently post on LinkedIn and have always seemed to get roughly the same amount of views anything from 300-2,149 per post. Note my top performing post Top 10 cold calling myths demystified took six months to reach 2,149 views.

But, something extraordinary happened last week. I posted my first post for 2015 called 3 good reasons Start with Heart. I decided to follow my own advice which I had published in an article last year. That advice was I believe those people in life who have more Chutzpah succeed greater than those who don’t. Chutzpah is a self-belief not an arrogance and it pushes you to reach out to people you normally wouldn’t. So I reached out to Jeff Haden via email. I casually introduced myself and included the link to my latest post 3 good reasons Start with Heart.

Who is Jeff Haden? Jeff is a Ghostwriter, Speaker, Inc. Magazine Contributing Editor and a really nice guy. He happens to have 427,663 followers and has written a wonderful book called Transform. I am a big fan. Back to the story.

Within 48 hours of my post going live I had 492 opens, 25 likes and 16 comments. I was fairly happy with that. Then Jeff put this simple comment on my post “Really good approach to dealing with a problem… or making a good situation even better.” WOW, Kaboom within a few hours my post had gone up to 1,212 opens, 137 likes and 36 comments. Whilst, I would like to believe in my heart that the reason it gained so many extra opens is because of the great content I know the reason was being exposed to Jeff’s massive network. Hence, I picked up in 24 hours 210 followers. Therefore, what have I learnt from this experience:

  • Surround yourself with people who are Influencers – learn from them and leverage off their authority;
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – if I hadn’t introduced myself to Jeff he would have never made the comment on my post.
  • Back yourself 100%, believe with every thread of your being that what you do is great and you deserve the recognition to succeed. If you don’t back yourself 100% why should anyone else?
  • Content is King – if the post had been rubbish the response would have been the same!
  • Start with Heart – nothing in this world is more important than the way we make others feel – let your heart do the talking!

I then went back to Jeff and said, “How can I get on Pulse Influencers – up the top of the LinkedIn newsfeed where the big boys and girls play?” How does an unknown writer break into that huge social media platform? This was his kind reply filled with gems of rich advice:

“It takes time. Occasionally one of the LI editors will notice a non-influencer post and “promote” it, but generally speaking the system is algorithm driven: the more shares, the more views, the more likely your post will end up in a Pulse feed. Generally speaking what succeeds is success: the more people that read a post, the more that share it… the more people will see it. And in time you’ll end up on more peoples’ radar.

The biggest thing to remember about LI is that the audience is very broad, so try to find ways to take what you know and expand it to that broader audience.

LI readers also love stories, especially stories where you maybe don’t come off so well (but you do learn something from it.) My “story” stuff does a lot better than straight advice, tips, etc posts. (For the most part.) You’ve met lots of interesting people, done some interesting things… you have plenty of material I’m sure.

And never forget the importance of the headline. I once did a post about resumes; could have called it “The Problem With Resumes” or something like that, but that’s boring. I went with “Your Resume Will Never Get You The Job You Want” and it did really well. Asked an implicit question (“why won’t my resume get me the job I want?”) and addressed a real problem people encounter (“I’ve sent out dozens of resumes and no one even responds…”)

Most importantly, though, it takes time. A long time. A lot of people write to me and complain about not having followers and say that if they just had my Influencer platform they’d be doing as well as me (which may very well be true), and I always want to say, “But I didn’t get here over-freaking-night. I started from zero and worked my way up to this. You can too… but it starts with creating a lot of good content. That’s the only thing you can totally control, and ultimately is the one thing that will get you somewhere.

So keep on chugging. Check out other peoples’ posts that do well, analyse them, try to see how you can adopt some of those approaches (while still staying true to yourself), but most of all keep trying. It takes time.”

Thank you Jeff Haden – this act of kindness taught me so much. This comment on my post said it all… Fikret Jazvin Director of Quality at Calmax Technology, “It was thanks to comment made by Jeff Haden that your article showed up on my newsfeed and I am glad it did. Thank you for writing this inspiring article.”


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