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under the weather

under the weather


= Feel sick, poor health, tired or exhausted
= to be or feel ill
= not in good health
= نا خوش احوال

#1. I feel a little under the weather today
احساس میکنم امروز یکم ناخوش احوالم!

#2. Oh pelase, don’t ask me to cook today, I’m a bit under the weather

#3. I feel sort of under the weather today

#4. Whatever I ate for lunch is making me feel a bit under the weather

$5. I’m feeling a bit under the weather – I think I’ve caught a cold.

#6. I had a bad night with flu and sickness and was under the weather

under the weather


good conversation with good friends tonight definitely caps off the last few weeks of my being under the weather quite nicely, indeed.

RT @DreamyBluu: for those who have been have been feeling under the weather or just need a pick me up you deserve happi-ness http://t.co/ud…

I’m so over winter! I’m kinda under the weather & all I can think about is how I miss the warm sun. *throws cover… http://t.co/BqRFR4SvA2

@arseinho Sure da. Give me some time. I’ve been unwell and under the weather. Just recovering. Wrote that story in a dash actually.
Under the Weather

Under the weather” redirects here. For the meaning and etymology of the phrase under the weather, please consult the relevant article on Wiktionary. “Under
Under the Weather (short story)

Under the Weather” is a short story by Stephen King, originally published in the Paperback edition of Full Dark, No Stars. Brad Franklin wakes up from
The Coast of Colorado

covered by Lorrie Morgan on her 1991 album Something in Red. “Still Under the Weather” was covered by Andy Williams on his 1991 album Nashville and Shania
Under the Weather: Waiting for the thaw

Although Thursday is fairly bone-chilling, this latest Arctic air mass isn’t terribly impressive, and won’t be around for long either. With this snowpack, rural locations will be quick to see temperatures drop below zero soon after sunset this evening
Cincinnati inventor opens giant indoor sports facility: PHOTOS

They launched Under the Weather a few years ago, when they started selling clear, tent-like structures that fans can use to protect them from the weather while watching their kids play outdoor sports. That business has blossomed, and he expects sales
Tom Brady feeling under the weather

Tom Brady has been battling a cold all week but said on Wednesday that he should be fine for Sunday’s game against Seattle. +1. By Mark Daniels. Mark Daniels The Providence Journal. mdaniels@providencejournal.com. Published: January 28 2015 11:26.
Under the weather Logan Stieber grits out win No. 18

The Ohio State redshirt senior and 2010 Monroeville graduate was a bit under the weather for Friday night’s Big Ten dual against visiting Purdue in front of 2,655 fans at St. John Arena, but gritted out a 4-0 decision over the Boilermakers’ Nick Lawrence.
Patriots begin prep with Brady under the weather

(SportsNetwork.com) – They downplayed it but the New England Patriots conducted their first practice since arriving in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX with a quarterback feeling under the weather. Tom Brady was a little worse for wear at Tuesday’s Media
Feeling Under The Weather? Your Pyjamas Could Be To Blame

If so, you’re not alone… a study of 2,500 young people found that the majority regularly wait over a fortnight before washing their nightwear. Women argued that they swap between different pyjamas during the week and then end up forgetting how long
Under the Weather – Small Things

And while I have never described being sick with a stomach bug as feeling a little “under the weather” it makes for a nicer title than “Vomit Everywhere.” I spent the night with Job, the all night nurser as of late, while Jonny …
Congressional Global Warming Denier Falls Under the …

A spokesman for John Carter explains that the unrepresenting representative is “under the weather” — a euphemism for a malaise of health that we certainly hope Rep. Carter recovers from soon. Poor health conditions …
NHS England » Feeling under the weather? Make your …

High quality care for all, now and for future generations.
Under the Weather Part I – Little Blue Deer Website and …

I’ve been on the elegant kick lately, THIS is far more my real style (and hey, it can be replicated by picking up stuff on the side of the road, the more distressed, the better! It’s really hard to keep this look from looking, well, junky, …
911 dispatcher breaks the rules to save a toddler | FOX2now …

17-month-old Aidan Walker had been feeling a little under the weather and was taking a nap with his grandmother Cheri Grable. His mother Melissa Grable was out getting more medicine. When suddenly, “He’s dying!
A Bit Under The Weather. | Sam Greer

as some of you may have known but I was bit under the weather in silver star. I am feeling a lot better now but I was disappointed it happened. I did miss a few days of training and a chance to race with some fellow competitors …

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    محمد سایتت خیلی خوبه

    • Mohammad Naderi February 16, 2015 at 6:09 am -  Reply

      قربون شما
      چشماتون خوب میبینه 🙂

  4. eebest8 March 26, 2015 at 6:57 am -  Reply

    Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting.

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