Some words with OUT


** Outcome (noun)
SYN = result
# Most of the time it is difficult to predict the outcome of the elections


** Outdated (adj)
= Out-of-date
SYN = old-fashioned
# The way you dress is outdated


** Outdistance (verb)
= to run faster than others, so that you are far ahead
# in previous running competition, I quickly outdistanced the other runners


** Outdoor (adj)
= out of the building
OPP = Indoor
# I am interested in outdoor activities


** Outerwear (noun)
= clothes that you wear over your clothes such as coat
# let’s go out to buy some outerwears


** Outgoing (adj)
= someone who likes to meet and talk to new people
# I am quite outgoing and handsome !! 😀


** Outgrow (verb)
= بزرگ تر شدن از
# When your children outgrow their clothes, you have to pay through your nose to buy new ones for them


** Outgrowth (noun)
= حاصل ، نتیجه
= something that develops from something else, as a natural result of it
# Crime is often an outgrowth of poverty, and on the other hand, poverty is an outgrowth of economic crisis in my book


** Outing (noun)
= a short trip with a group of people
= گردش ، تفرج
# we need an outing to the beach … coz the weather is awesome


** Outnumber
= to be more in number
# In Iran, girls outnumber boys in universities .. which is weird !! 😛


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