• Stepmothers Day


    [Noun] = A women who is married to your father but who is not your mother {Mother / mum / mummy / ma / mama / stepmother}   Ex1. My stepmom was full of empty threats, yelled a lot, and shot dirty looks at me Ex2. My mother is dead, and my father lives with…

  • wishes don't wash dishes

    wishes don’t wash dishes

    ** wishes don’t wash dishes = با حلوا حلوا دهن شیرین نمیشه E1. Bold plans and speeches about poor children sounds great, but “wishes don’t wash dishes” E2. The government always promise to find an effective strategy to fight poverty, but as my grandmother often scolded me, “wishes don’t wash the dishes”  

  • arm leg

    cost an arm and a leg

    = simply means something is very expensive or the price is too high = “cost a fortune/earth” = “cost a bomb/pocket” = cost a lot E1. Yesterday I bought a brand-nee shoe, but it cost me an arm and a leg E2. Skiing in Dizin resort may cost you an arm and a leg E3….

  • take it back

    Take something back

    = to admit that you were wrong to say sth (پس گرفتن حرف) E1. You would better take back that remark E2. All right, I take it all back. It wasn’t your fault E3. I take back nothing of what I said (هیچ کدوم از حرفهایی که زدم رو پس نمیگیرم) E4. I think it…

  • Questionnaire


    = a list of questions which is given to people in order to collect information ** “Fill in / Fill out / complete” a questionnaire = answer all the questions in it E1. Visitors to the country have been asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire E2. People from around the world will be able…


Telegram Group

We have an English group in Telegram application which has more than 150 people right now. Everybody can join this group. We are there to share our knowledge including words, phrases, idioms, examples, pictures, videos and what not. Everybody can ask question ... the only thing is that Chit-chat is forbidden there

Check bellow link for more info:
Telegram English Channel

Free IELTS speaking class

I run IELTS speaking courses as a free. everybody can join us. Just call me before attending.
+98 935 3210118

every Sundays - 18 to 20:30

Iran, Tehran, North Sohrevardi St, Apadana St (for detail address call me)

RSS Phrasal

  • Speak to
    Comment, make a statement
  • Float about
    Be somewhere near, though not visible
  • Float around
    Be somewhere near, though not visible
  • Run past
    Tell someone your ideas so that they can comment
  • Run by
    Tell someone your ideas so that they can comment

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My name is Mohammad. I am interested in English. I want to write my notes in English here and share them. you can always call me via my number:

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