too busy

I’ve only got one pair of hands


= used to say that you are too busy to do anything else
= مگه چند تا دست دارم؟
= دو تا دست که بیشتر ندارم !!ا

Mother of two invents floral hands-free bag that straps to the front of busy …

A busy mother of two has invented a back-to-front rucksack that acts as an extra pair of hands to help multi-tasking parents. Mary Campbell, from Falkirk, had got used to cooking with one hand while loading the washing machine with the other, but she
I’m with the General on this one. We still need table manners in modern society

and then the waiter shouted: I’ve only got one pair of hands!” The denoument of my story was left in the ether, and then the woman to my right asked me if I’d come far. Anyway, Maj Gen Cowan knows all about “turning”, and has taken it upon himself to
Daddy duties worth less than mom’s, study reveals…just before Father’s Day

How to tell a good sole: You really can judge a person by their shoes….and you do not need to look at… Too many demands: Mary Campbell invented the PackaPouch after she found she had her hands ‘I’ve only got one pair of hands!’ Mother of two
fishwithoutbicycle: I’ve Only Got One Pair Of Hands

I’ve Only Got One Pair Of Hands. So how’s the first week back at work going? I’ll admit I have found it REALLY tough, I could have done with returning for a partial week, I really wanted the week to end yesterday and I’m …
Betsy Makes ….: Yarn Shade Pegs

But things need sorting right now and I’ve only got one pair of hands. (I sound like my Mother). I’ve tackled the cupboard under the stairs and feel quite satisfied with it’s now orderly contents. It still isn’t a pretty site with the step …
What a snowman taught me about church | Sanctified Rant

It probably took about 10 minutes for the big 2 to get bored/frustrated enough to ask their dad for help as well…which left me with a bit of a dilemma – I’ve only got one pair of hands and I was going to need 4 if I was going to be …
Dog-walking diaries: Gilet nightmare –

I’ve only got one pair of hands and a pair of legs through which dog leads cannot pass. I use a free leg to scoop the intruder out of the ruckus, and only then does Lady Gilet pipe up. “Goodness! Rupert!” she exclaims, hurriedly …
Dropping the Royal “We” | User Journeys

Why should my website say anything different? Starting from today, I’m changing the “we” to “me”. I’ll start with the homepage. It will take some time. I’ve only got one pair of hands! Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.
Why this is the right moment for women drivers in F1 | James …

When one leading driver was radioed by his team while on the straight in Barcelona, asking him to perform another task on the steering wheel, he replied, “I’ve only got one pair of hands!” As we all know, women are far better …
AUDUSD slides again | ForexLive

Lest we forget another vulnerable pair We saw a dump to 0.9745 in the run up to UK data ( sorry but I’ve only got one pair of hands at the moment as Ryan is.
SMS Marketing For Business | Ræcan Marketing Newsroom

I’ve only got one pair of hands! When did we start with that 48 hour day? Sorry we haven’t, in fact we are really stuck with only a 37 1/2 hour week! So if you don’t have time to answer your phone, make our outbound sales calls …
A Welsh Born Icon: “Read the orange handbook, love”

Dud: Certainly doesn’t… Hullo? Yes… Hullo? Look, Alan, don’t keep badgering, it’s bloody murder up here – I’ve only got one pair of hands… Pete: Alan, I can confirm that – I’ve double-checked – he’s only got one pair of hands.
Could you share an inbox? | Mojomums

“Wait a minute – I’ve only got one pair of hands.” We’ve all been there before – children clamouring for attention just as you’re trying to get tea ready. Thankfully, in the other part of my life – my working life – I do have two pairs of hands.
Need some help please – Netmums

And he complains if the house isn’t immaculate. I’ve only got one pair of hands!I feel I get no support from him and I do know he loves although it isn’t shown very often. Anyway the real reason for this post if how I’m feeling.
One Pair of Hands: Reminiscing

One pair of Hands April 30, 2011 at 12:14 AM. Hello to you Sis. I’m glad you enjoyed our story. Yes, “I’ve only got one pair of hands.” was one of our busy Mum’s sayings. ReplyDelete. Anonymous April 30, 2011 at 12:24 AM.
Frank Fearless Free: Major Operation For Three Armed Girl

Ren Xin was getting tired of the constant “I’ve only got one pair of hands” jokes and begged her parents to take her to a doctor to remove the limb. Since making that decision the arm has punched Ren Xin on the head and …
Stay Classy! | A Lousy Rebel

I’ve only got one pair of hands, but I’m sewing as fast as I can. Honest injun! If however you are a bit of a stinky old tramp and are happy to settle for a shoddy fake copy, then seriously WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Is there …
Times Square Gossip: KEITH RICHARDS HAS 3 …

He says, “I’ve probably got too many guitars,” “I’ve only got one pair of hands. “It’s an incredible collection of instruments, beautiful instruments. But I can’t play them all. “Maybe I will give them away or make a museum.” Posted …
That’s Life: Tim Holtz ~ 12 Tags of 2012 ~ March

Hope you’re all having a lovely, relaxing Sunday. At the moment, I’m planning my diary for the next month and a little sense of panic has just washed over me! lol…yes, it’s that full and seeing as I’ve only got one pair of hands, …
The Serious Wagon: Mother Love

I’ve only got one pair of hands and, because I said so, that’s why! She also liked to tell us that we were getting chopped straws and buttermilk for our dinner. As far as I know we never sampled such a delicacy. Quite often there …
Our journey: Missing Popo

She is definitely feeling bored with just “me” the whole day 🙁 and definitely she has to be crying more since I’ve only got one pair of hands, and there will be times I am slower to attend to her needs. I miss my mom heaps for …
Handgrenadealien’s Great Lament.: Lots of Hellenistic Stuff.

Apologies in advance for all the ramage in the background, but we have only been moved in a year and I’ve only got one pair of hands. This little lot stretches 15′ into the messy distance of the conservatory and consists of …
StreetLaughter: 333: Gay Biggles 3 – Alan Coren

‘I’ve only got one pair of hands, I can’t be bloody everywhere, I had to comb out Gimlet’s perm in the middle of everything,’ ‘It looks ever so nice: said Gimlet, from the other side of the mess, examining the moustache in a little …
Spoof news: Heidi Montag Wants An Extra Pair Of Arms To …

And it would certainly put paid to that time worn excuse for laziness – I’ve only got one pair of hands! And just think of the fortune she could make by acting in gentlemen’s ‘relaxation’ movies! With two pairs of hands and those …
The Neck by Anne Goodwin – Fiction on the Web

“You’ll have to. I’ve only got one pair of hands. And it’s bloody tiring keeping my arms up like this.” Furious, Tamsin jerked away. “Tell you what, why don’t we swap places? Why don’t you have the giraffe neck and I’ll stop your … The Lal Ded Hospital Experience

Others, mainly the nurses, without any worthwhile degree in nursing, not even an associate’s degree; I mostly liked their watch-word ‘ I’ve only got one pair of hands’; the midwives executing their duty arrogantly and carelessly, …
Object pronoun –

I asked because it doesn’t seem to be an area rich in object pronouns. …. Possibly, though, for indirect ones. ‘Would you pass me the salt?…And Tom looks thirsty. Pass him the water.’ ‘Hold on – I’ve only got one pair of hands.

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