itchy feet

itchy feet


= very strong or irresistible impulse to travel
= عشق سفر

#1. Claire has itchy feet
#2. I have itchy feet. I am crazy about backpacking and hitch-hiking. I don’t care where is the destination, i just wanna go and enjoy meeting people from different culture


#1Travelexpo15 @FlightCentreRSA Itchy feet ready to go North East South & West!

Bafta’s and itchy feet… Tonight is going to a good night!

Hannah McGill: Heckling is the right of a cineaste

Hannah McGill: Heckling is the right of a cineaste. Inherent Vice, starring Joaquin Phoenix, has been giving cinemagoers itchy feet, it seems. Picture: Getty. by Hannah McGill. Published on the 08 February 2015 00:00. Published 08/02/2015 00:00 …
Queen of Romance Erica James beams down in Long Melford after being …

I began to get itchy feet. I knew I had ended up in the north of England by default – in the nicest possible way. I didn’t want to move back to where I’d grown up, and the thing about my job is I can live anywhere.” In about 2012 or 2013 Erica and her
Former council candidate catches jetsetting bug

FORMER Livingstone Shire Council candidate Hannah Colley has caught a serious “bug” that has brought on a severe case of itchy feet. The Mirror spoke last week to the budding professional, who said she was throwing in her political towel for the next
The Millennial Attitude Towards Property

Shorter attention spans and itchy feet has given a massive rise in renting as the younger generation want less stability but more incentive to go travel the world or start their own businesses. To add to this, property market projections published late
Kerr returns to top team after eye injury

His teammates at Rosebud Cricket Club rallied behind him. A month into the cricket season, Kerr got itchy feet. He wanted to play again – and he did, making a comeback in the Sharks’ thirds, astounding teammates by scoring 49. He then opened the
Jose Mourinho Can Emulate Sir Alex Ferguson but Roman Abramovich Must …

Indeed, Mourinho has fallen foul of Abramovich getting itchy feet in the past. Chelsea were threatening to dominate English football when Mourinho received the chop in 2007. Back then it was about politics, the owner unhappy with Mourinho’s conduct and
Why Everyone Should Be Wearing Wool Socks This Winter

No one likes itchy feet. As for brands, both SmartWool and Wigwam make excellent socks. Every year Wigwam also makes a sock for Costco released under the Kirkland Signature brand that are highly regarded — I personally swear by them. Look out for …
Itchy Feet: A Travel and Language Comic: Speaking Terms

Actually, here in France people do the same, too; especially if they have first heard us speaking a foreign language, they immediately turn into English mode. And even if we try to speak French. ReplyDelete. Replies.
Itchy Feet: A Travel and Language Comic: Safety Truth

True, that was successful, but it wasn’t a wide-body aircraft, and anyway it was on a nice, calm river. Pretty ideal conditions for an emergency landing on water. Not that it wasn’t amazing – just don’t expect a similar outcome …
Itchy feet – Grammarist

To have or get itchy feet is to have wanderlust, the urge to travel or explore. Someone may also have itchy feet if they simply want to do something different, change the routine, or try something new. In short, it encompasses a general state of …
6th March – Itchy Feet | Clare Ents

One of the most popular nights in Cambridge returns to Clare Ents this Friday, a night of the best in funk, rock n roll, soul, rhythm & blues, reggae and ska to get your hips greased.

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