ruin reputation

I ruined my reputation


= گند زدم به آبروم

#1. Six years ago I ruined my reputation and many burned bridges; irreparable damage.  To this day I haven’t forgiven myself and neither have those who I’ve offended and hurt.  No one will accept my apology; no one.

#2. A wise man once said, “It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.”
یکبار یک مرد آگاه گفته که “جمع کردن آبرو یک عمر طول میکشه، ولی از بین بردنش فقط 5 دقیقه زمان میخواد”ا

#3. What Mistakes Can Ruin Your Professional Reputation?

#4. Is Your Reputation Ruined?
ایا آبروتون رفته؟

#5. Someone anonymous yet with a lot of insight once said, “Christians will do anything for Christ, except ruin their reputation.”

#6. I have ruined my reputation by dating the wrong guy. What should I do?

#7. I have dated a low-level guy. I did not know how bad a reputation that person has in this city. This mistake is haunting me and my life.


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