how's everything

How’s everything? How are things? How’s life?


These are some other common ways of asking “how are you?”

you can answer “good” or “not bad”

you can continue with “what about you?”


How`s everything? |

How`s everything? Today, I will introduce myself! My name is Nanami. Please call me Nanamin or something. I`m from Kumamoto city. I love Arashi very much! Listening to music is my hobby. I belonged to Wadaiko club when …
How’s everything in Chicago? How’s working at Microsoft …

Thanks to everyone out there who’s been checking in on me! I got a lot of lovely birthday wishes around August 19th and everybody seems to want to touch base and see how the transition to Microsoft and Chicago has been …
How`s everything going, and what are your plans for the …

How`s everything going? Do you have any plans for the summer vacation? I have some plans,but I have to do a part time job from morning till night almost everyday. So I will be very busy. I want to have more time to go out!
Gallery of Miruna: How ‘s Everything?

Hey, long time no see. Are you busy? You’re not kind of busy student, I uncertain that you’re busy. Haha, kidding :p Yeah, me too. That’s a lot of homework to do. Hmm, seems that I always tell this to you. Don’t be bored, OK?
Conversation in context (1 of 5) | yaticancerina

B: Good, thanks. (3) Terry speaks to one of his friends at the office: Terry: Oh hi, Caroline. Caroline: Hello, Terry. How;s everything? Terry: Fine, thanks. Caroline: How was your weekend, Terry? Terry: It was super, thanks.
Homecoming | Wandering Earth

2 responses ». Bill Guinther on July 29, 2014 at 5:22 pm said: Mi. Reply ↓ · wanderingearthlost on July 29, 2014 at 10:13 pm said: Hi, Bill! How”s everything going? Are you guys still doing the annual NHHFA fishing trip? :).
A Baptism in Okayama! | Konichiwhat?

How`s everything going!? Oh my goodness, you can tell Elder Colten Brown I think he is INSANE!! If a spider the size of a BOWL was living in my closet…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh I seriously do NOT know what I would do!!!! I wouldn`t …
Elder Nathan Michael Norberg: La Última Semana & Feliz …

What is up family!! How`s everything going? I can not believe that this is my last week in the mission!! Crazy!! During my personal study time, I came up with the following “Scripture Letter” that I wanted to share with all of you:
Create Entirely New Email Addresses as a Hotmail Alias

I still have at least 50 “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” e-mails each day. Edit: And, in my Drafts folder, I always have about 10 e-mails each day that are things like, “Re: Your free gift!” and “How”s Everything” and “Nice ot …
Noah Kagan And James Schramko Discuss …

So how?s everything over there? James: Ah, mate, things are going very well. We had like a 50% increase. Just in the last two (2) months, from January to now. So it?s been a good year. Noah: Uh, 50% increase in what?
Winning Message of the Day | Stupid Cupid

What happens when you mix a love for commas and spaces with a fear of ending sentences? “hey , how r u doin ? i m Leo , nice profile , , really like it ,how s everything ? plz tell me something abt you and abt me ,well i did my …
You Can`t Judge A Book By Its Cover- the Kimono | Hey …

How`s everything at home? Reply. Jackie Cangro says: February 7, 2012 at 4:43 am. These kimonos are stunning. Each one seems to be a beautiful work of art. Though it is deceptive because they look so comfortable. I never …

@_LadyMegurine “Yup! How are things with you?!”

@CorArdens hi, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at the seminar on Monday. How are things going, doctor?
How Are Things in Glocca Morra?

For the Sports Night episode, see List of Sports Night episodes. “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?” is a popular song about a fictional village in Ireland
10th Anniversary (The Statler Brothers album)

Yourself” (Don Reid) – 2:51 “The Kid’s Last Fight” (Bob Merrill) – 3:18 “How Are Things in Clay, Kentucky?” (D. Reid, Harold Reid) – 4:00 “One Less Day To Go”
“So, how are things?”

Imagine it. You recently graduated with a doctorate having put in numerous years and huge amounts of effort in academic pursuits ranging from conferences, presentations, to the final dissertation and defense. After graduation, you take a breath of relief.
Photo by Noah Abrams Photo by Noah Abrams

More than anything, the record absorbs the influence of producer Ryan Adams (and, specifically, his records with The Cardinals)—from the piano-brushed folk of the title track to the falsetto-and-pedal-steel whispers on “How Are Things, Love?” and the
’90 Day Fiancé’ couple believe their love will conquer issues

Was it real? Or was it really just for the green card? Are they still together? How are things going? Question after question could be asked after this season’s “90 Day Fiancé,” which featured a Norwalk couple, local resident Danielle Mullins, 41, and
February 1st snowstorm Team Coverage

Last-minute shoppers head to HEB in West Houston

Our devotion to brands is a sickness of modern life

People would ask, “How are things going?” and I’d say, “Great. The brand got some really good exposure this week. In Dazed, which is right where our values are.” I’m still not sure what I meant by our values. But I guarantee you conversations like this
How Are Things at Princeton?. In the Pipeline:

So how’s the new chemistry building at Princeton working out? I last asked for comments four years ago, but I’m prompted to do so again by this post by Luysii, who has been hearing that the building isn’t necessarily working …
How are Things in Kobani? – GLORIA Center

The battle for the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani just entered its fourth month. It is now a fight for a heap of ruins. Four months of intense ground combat, involving tanks, mortars and RPGs as well as small arms, has reduced the …
Caring for young carers: How are things – Jane Cummings

A question to them such as ‘How are things?’ may just make that difference to a child or young person so that you can signpost them to the appropriate support they may really value and need, and the Carers Trust is a great …
Hey, How are Things Looking? The SCAA Wants to Know

The SCAA last week announced the launch of a new Retail Sentiment Index (RSI) survey, which will be used to create a gauge for optimism in the coffee retail segment, as well as a forecasting tool for industry turning points.
How’s Life? Could be Better, Report Says

Life is better than it was 20 years ago but still far from good in many countries. According to “How’s Life?,” a report out Tuesday from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the financial crisis of 2008 slowed some of that uneven …
How’s life? New report reveals world’s happiest nation is…

Despite some signs of a slowing economy, Australia has once again been crowned the world’s happiest nation based on criteria including income, jobs, housing and health. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) …
How’s Life? – VGBoxArt

So I haven’t been here in a while and I don’t really know most of the new generation and I have no idea who from the older generation is left, so I thought I would ask: How’s life? Have you guys graduated? Do you have jobs or …
Hallo! how`s life treating you, dear? | Borneo Girl`s Journal

Hi, I`m Gemala Meiyanti. You can call me Lala. Yeah…is it cute nick name, right? hemmm, but the story of my nick name wasn`t that cute dear. No no no…don`t get it wrong…of course my mom gave it to a milion of hope.
How”s life in the United Arab Emirates? | Rich Dubai

Everyone feels different so there is no definite answer to your question. You have to be there to feel it. Life is good if you are hanging out with a bunch of like minded people and have the means to enjoy various amenities that …

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