How were you disciplined as a child – Part 4


4- I was beat, my mom was single and my older sister was a bit out of control. If one us misbehaved, both of us got punished, physically and mentally. I’ve blocked out some of those times but still remember. In my opinion, that kind of punishment is horrible and doesn’t work. My kids will never be physically or verbally abused. I plan to do time out, a reward system, and I will be creative as well, as in if one of my kids skips school then I will be attending with them.


** Beat [v]

= to hit someone or something many times

{Beat / Beat / Beaten}


Ex1. Someone in my event beat another one yesterday

Ex2. He was questioned and beaten

Ex3. The women had been “beaten to death” by her husband

Ex4. I wanna “beat the living daylights out of you” = (کسی رو خیلی شدید زدن)

Ex5. Please, please, don’t beat me “black and blue” = (شبیه سیاه و کبود کردن در فارسی)

Ex6. They saw him beating his dog with stick

Ex7. The rain was “beating down” on the roof


** Misbehave [v]

= to behave badly, and cause trouble or annoy people


Ex1. He has been misbehaving at school

Ex2. Whenever I misbehaved, my father beat me

Ex3. I was always getting in trouble for misbehaving at school

Ex4. In most cases, when the children misbehave they are abused

Ex5. Please don’t bring your children to my party if they misbehave


** Block out [ph.v]

= (1) to stop light (or noise) reaching a place

= (2) to stop yourself thinking about something or remembering


Ex1. I have a heavy curtain (پرده سنگین) blocking out the light

Ex2. The tree outside the window blocks out the sun

Ex3. That story was so terrible that she tried to block it out

Ex4. He is trying to block out memories of the accident


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