grammar lesson 2
Grammar lesson

Grammar lesson (2) _ FOR and SINCE


We use “for” and “since” to say how long something has been happening.

grammar lesson 2_1

# Sally has been working here for six
سالی 6 ماه هست که داره اینجا کار میکنه

grammar lesson 2_2

# Sally has been working here since April.
سالی از آپریل داره اینجا کار میکنه

grammar lesson 2_3

grammar lesson 2_4

# When did it start raining?
کی بارندگی شروع شد؟

# lt started raining an hour ago
یک ساعت پیش بارندگی شروع شد

# How Long has it been raining?
چه مدت هست که داره بارون میاد؟

# lt’s been raining for an hour
یک ساعته که داره بارون میاد

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