Differences Between Traditional Family And Modern Family


Women need to wake early to prepare breakfast for everyone in their families. On the other hand, we don’t see this event a lot in modern families. Women can wake up at the same time with their husbands and don’t prepare anything.

This is one example that shows the difference between traditional families and modern families in my country. I think there are a lot of differences, but I’m going to contrast only three big differences, which are size, head of family and discipline.

One important difference is size of family. Size of traditional families are larger than modern families. Normally they have more than ten people in their families, whereas modern families have only three to four people. Traditional families always live with their relatives and have a lot of children, which is the reason why they are big families. Another reason is their work. Traditional families are farmers. Members of families can work at their farms, therefore, they don’t hire workers. They can save a lot of money.

In contrast, modern families don’t need anyone to help their work because they work in the office. They only have one or two children and don’t live with their relatives. I think this difference effects modern families because they will not know their relatives, as traditional families do. They only meet them on special occasions, such as birthdays and New Year.

For example, children aren’t get used to their grandparents because they only meet them a few times per year. They will not respect them as much as they should have. I think it will become an aggressive problem in our societies because they don’t know how to esteem or sympathise older people. Children won’t obey or help them when they grow up. For instance, teenager don’t obey their teachers, as they were little children or they won’t give seats to old people when they see them in subway.

Another difference between traditional families and modern families is head of family. Men are always head of traditional families. Women usually take care of children at home, whereas men work outside. Women and children must listen and follow whenever men tell them. Men have the power to order members of their families to do everything, even if they don’t like to do. For example, fathers can choose husbands for their daughters. It is not a good idea for women and children always need to believe their command, so now they’re changed to modern families.

Modern families don’t have the head of family because women and men are equal. Both women and men work outside. They share ideas with each other. Women and children don’t obey the men’s orders if they think their orders aren’t correct. Women and children can decide by themselves. For example, women work outside, as men do. When women come home, they don’t do house works alone because men need to help together. I think it is the positive change in our societies.

The last difference is discipline. Traditional families have many rules that directly impact their children. I think parents of traditional families are always strict because they have a lot of children to look after. It is only women who take care of children at home, so they need to have a lot of rules to control them. On the other hand, modern families have few rules to control their children. Parents of modern families work outside. They don’t have enough time to take care of their children, so they don’t have time to make rules also. They always spoil them. They hire someone to take care of their children while they’re working outside.

This difference actually affects modern families because their children will always make problems to gain attention from their parents. For example, children don’t go to school because they want their parents ask them why they do this. They want their parents talk to them. This article has presented three differences between traditional families and modern families in my country.

I think these differences can tell some development of family system from the past until now, such as taking care of children and their lives. When societies change, families also change. Both good and bad things change. People should choose only the good things to change in their families because families are important.


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    You can read and use it for your Writing and Speaking IELTS exam

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