• easy peasy

    Easy peasy

    = very easy = خیلی آسون In informal contexts it is reasonably common to further extend this phrase with a nonsensical rhyme, probably due to its frequent use around young children. Common examples include: –  easy peasy lemon squeezy –  easy peasy Japanesey –  easy peasy pumpkin peasy

  • out

    Some words with OUT

    ** Outcome (noun) SYN = result # Most of the time it is difficult to predict the outcome of the elections   ** Outdated (adj) = Out-of-date SYN = old-fashioned # The way you dress is outdated   ** Outdistance (verb) = to run faster than others, so that you are far ahead # in…

  • fashion-is-a-tool-to-compete-in


    = رقابت کردن Ex1. She is “competing with” her friend for finding a good housband (teeth) Ex2. The stores have to “compete for” customers Ex3. Our football team should be practice more to be able to “compete in” World Cup matches Ex4. Our company is “competing to get” the contract in the current tender Ex5….

  • city-centre

    City-Center / City-Centre

    ** Center = (American) ** Centre = (British) >> It has no difference in meaning , just difference in spellings. The word center is mostly used in the U.S. The word centre is widely used in European countries. = The main shopping or business area in a city = the part of a town or…

  • at the expens of

    at the expense of

    = If you do one thing at the expense of another, doing the first thing harms the second thing = in a way that harms (something or someone) = if one thing exists or happens at the expense of another, the second thing suffers or is not done properly because of the first = به…

  • take lightly

    take lightly

    = to do something without serious thought = ساده گرفتن چیزی #1. you shouldn’t take that warning lightly #2. Dancing isn’t something we should take lightly #3. I could not take lightly the idea that people made love without me #4. Cross decision not something to take lightly #5. Every opportunity that comes your way,…

  • hard-work


    = always doing a lot of work = سخت کوش – پرکار – زحمت کش #1. She was always very hard-working at school. #2. an efficient, hard-working, and trusted administrator. #3. So others may feel unequal and they may feel upset so no matter how hardworking they are, they will never get what they deserve….

  • one-third

    One-third / Two-thirds / Three-thirds

    Be careful ! # two-third is not correct # One-thirds is not correct for practicing more, check the bellow site http://www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/fractions/classify.html >> A third, like any other unit of measurement, is dependent on the number of units described. For example, we describe ‘one apple’ and ‘two apples’. The same goes for fractional units. ‘one third’…


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