• my way or the highway

    My way or the highway

    = This idiom is used to say that if people don’t do what you say, they will have to leave or quit the project, etc. = Said to assert the view that there is no alternative (apart from leaving) but to accept the speaker’s opinions or policies = میخای بخا ، نمیخای نخا ، همینه…

  • grammar lesson 2
    Grammar lesson

    Grammar lesson (2) _ FOR and SINCE

    We use “for” and “since” to say how long something has been happening. # Sally has been working here for six months. سالی 6 ماه هست که داره اینجا کار میکنه # Sally has been working here since April. سالی از آپریل داره اینجا کار میکنه # When did it start raining? کی بارندگی شروع…

  • the skys the limit

    The sky’s the limit

    = there is no limit = there is no upper limit = هیچ محدودیتی وجود نداره # Ex. 1 I can afford it. The sky’s the limit # Ex. 2 You can do anything you set your mind to, Billy. The sky’s the # Ex. 3 The sky’s the limit to what you can win…


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