• snap-out-of-it

    Snap out of it

    = to force yourself to stop feeling sad and upset = از اون حال و هوا بیا بیرون #1.Snap out of it! Losing that money isn’t the end of the world. #2. I was very depressed for a week, but this morning I snapped out of it. Beck Depression Inventory not feel sad. (1) I…

  • persian sayings

    11 Persian Sayings That Make No Sense in English

    Translating idioms and sayings into other languages is always an exercise in humor- often, you’ve repeated them so many times without thinking about what is literally being said. We decided to make a list of the 11 funniest Persian sayings and translate them literally into English, along with a photo accompaniment of their literal meanings….

  • ruin reputation

    I ruined my reputation

    = گند زدم به آبروم #1. Six years ago I ruined my reputation and many burned bridges; irreparable damage.  To this day I haven’t forgiven myself and neither have those who I’ve offended and hurt.  No one will accept my apology; no one. #2. A wise man once said, “It takes a lifetime to build…

  • Mistakes on Resumes

    The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes

    I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes over my career, applying for just about every kind of job. I’ve personally reviewed more than 20,000 resumes. And at Google we sometimes get more than 50,000 resumes in a single week. I have seen A LOT of resumes. Some are brilliant, most are just ok, many are disasters….

  • under the weather

    under the weather

    = Feel sick, poor health, tired or exhausted = to be or feel ill = not in good health = نا خوش احوال #1. I feel a little under the weather today احساس میکنم امروز یکم ناخوش احوالم! #2. Oh pelase, don’t ask me to cook today, I’m a bit under the weather #3. I…

  • 6 Toxic Behaviors

    6 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away

    In my line of work, I hear from hundreds of people a month, and connect with professionals in a more public, open way than ever before. Through this experience, I’ve seen scores of toxic behaviors that push people away (including me). And I’ve witnessed the damage these behaviors cause – to relationships, professional success, and…

  • at the expens of

    at the expense of

    = If you do one thing at the expense of another, doing the first thing harms the second thing = in a way that harms (something or someone) = if one thing exists or happens at the expense of another, the second thing suffers or is not done properly because of the first = به…


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