• sport

    Play Go Do – sports

    – What is the same about the words that use play? They are all regular nouns. They are also competitive sports (you play to win.) – What is the same about the words that use go? They are all nouns that end with -ing. They are also sports you can do alone. – What is…

  • since-quote


    Ex1. I haven’t played football since I left university. Ex2. I left university 10 years ago, and I haven’t played football since. Ex3. I haven’t played football ever since (all the time since) I left university. Ex4. I left university in 2004 and haven’t played football ever since. – It is a long time since…

  • You-rock

    دمت گرم

    = Good work / Good job / Nice work / well done / Nice move = You rock = right on = I was impressed = hats off to sb = Strike a light (بابا ايول دمت گرم…بزن قدش) = bully for somebody (me,you,him,her,…) Ex1. You passed your class? Right on ! Ex2. Hats off…

  • play hard to get

    Don’t play hard to get

    = ناز نکن   ** Harche ghad naz koni baz to Deldare Mani = doesn’t matter / no matter how much you play hard to get, at the end you are my sweetheart … = Despite all your efforts to play hard to get, you are my sweetheart …   >> You may play hard…

  • The-simple-truth-about-playing-hard-to-get

    ناز کردن

    = Play hard to get = Coquette / coquetry ناز نکن = Come on! = Don’t be like that Ex1. Why won’t you call back your boy-friend Mona? Are you playing hard to get? Ex2. Knowing how to play hard to get with a guy can be the difference between being attractive and being overlooked…

  • Energy Efficient


    = موثر / کارا OPP = inefficient Ex1. The use of technology is very efficient for learning Ex2. Rozhin believes that this group is highly efficient Ex3. Email is an efficient way of contacting a large number of people Ex4. Sara think that we must work towards the more efficient use of all natural resources…

  • You name it

    You name it

    ## A song from PITBULL “I am what they thought I’d never become. I believed and became it. Now I’m here to claim it. I hustle anything you name it, name it” ** You name it = used after a list of things to mean that there are many more you could mention = everything…


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