• beating


    [verb] = to hit someone or something many times {Beat / Beat / Beaten} Ex1. she beats Reza in his house Ex2. He was questioned and beaten Ex3. Mohathese had been “beaten to death” by her husband Ex4. I wanna “beat the living daylights out of Sima” !! = (کسی رو خیلی شدید زدن) Ex5. Please don’t…

  • i-will-not-misbehave-class-6061028


    [verb] = to behave badly, and cause trouble or annoy people Ex1. Sima has been misbehaving at school. Don’t speak with her ! Ex2. Rozhin! If you misbehave in this group, I beat you! Be careful Ex3. Vazheh was always getting in trouble for misbehaving at school Ex4. In most cases, when Spanish girls misbehave,…

  • quote-i-ve-never-tried-to-block-out-the-memories-of-the-past-even-though-some-are-painful-i-don-t-sophia-loren-114767

    Block out

    [phrasal verb] = (1) to stop light (or noise) reaching a place = (2) to stop yourself thinking about something or remembering Ex1. I have a heavy curtain (پرده سنگین) blocking out the light Ex2. The tree outside the window blocks out the sun Ex3. The marriage story of her is so terrible that she always…

  • wind beneath my wings

    you are the wind beneath my wings

    = For example, a bird can’t fly to great height without wind. When someone reaches to high level of achievement. Also about airplanes, without a wind or air beneath them, they wouldn’t be able to fly. Then the person or persons who have aided him/her in this accomplishment are said to be “the wind beneath…

  • let the cat out of the bag

    Let the cat out of the bag

    = to allow a secret to be known or reveal it, usually without intending to = “to spill the beans” = فاش کردن راز = لو دادن Ex1. I was trying to keep my event a secret and private, but one of the Couch-surfer in Tehran let the cat out of the bag Ex2. Dunno…

  • Outta My Head


    [Preposition] = short form of “Out of” = used in writing to represent the spoken form “Out Of”   Ex1. I’ve got to get outta here Ex2. Get outta my way Ex3. As soon as I finish the tasks I’m outta here  


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